About Us

Bilgin Law, Birlik Arbitration/Mediation, Bilgi Patent, Büyüteç Education, Legbis, and Legal Office are companies and initiatives under the umbrella of B Corporate and are designed with a strong bond to provide a multidisciplinary approach.

B Office is a B Corporate enterprise operating in the sector for more than 30 years. We understand your needs and produce solutions based on years of experience we have within the field. We are there for you with comfortable and modern meeting areas where you can answer your clients’ questions and conduct arbitration/mediation meetings.

B Office offers working spaces designed by award-winning architects in accordance with international standards. Located centrally within walking distance to Acıbadem Metro station, B Office provides easy access to the Courthouses and Public Buildings.

We offer advantages in an increasingly competitive environment with our office and counseling packages for our new colleagues in the legal sector. For young lawyers, we offer mentorship counseling packages on many subjects from digital identity design to client-attorney relationship management, from social media management to legal technology solutions, and from in-office management systems to financial management systems.